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(Last Update:  12/08/2006)
**Christmas 2006**
 It Never Was
 Until Tomorrow Comes
 To You
 Within the Letting Go
 Turned It Back
 Tide of Affairs
 Within a Vision
 Its Blazing Core
 Melting Meaning
 Reaching Deep
 Sighing Love
 No Longer There
 In Spurts
 Faking It
 Begins To Spin
 The Room of You
 Smoke and Ashes
 The Hardest
 Such Love
 Modern Medicine
 The Night Revolves
 On My Own
 Angel of Death
 Running from the Right
 Seasons Pass
 Let It End
 Over the Hill
 Is He...?
 Through the Sky
 Who Dreamed
 Too Late
 The Echoes
 Lost Varieties
 To Ease the Pain
 The Last to Leave
 Wise Woman
 Too Close
 Crying Out
 Not the Same
 Living Love
 Brilliant Cynicism
 History Repeats Itself
 It Is Here
 Insipid Arachnid
 Within the Web
 Liquid Lightning
 How Little
 Into Emptiness
 Sacred Dreams
 The Abattoir
 Become Too Real
 Valentine's Day
 Within a Seed
 Offered Up
 Without a Heart
 Lost At Sea
 To Ease the Pain (2)
 From Heart
 It Has To Be
 Into the Whole
 Feminine Persuasion
 Broken Glass
 Her Need
 Never Thinking
 The Call
 Begin It Again
 To Hearts
 Perfect Pitch
 Of Essence
 Up Inside
 Where Real Lies
 Obviously There
 To His Head
 Only Yesterday
 Our Wings
 Still Calling
 One Again
 A Few Exquisite Moments
 Search for Perfection
 To Settle In Again
 Almost Beautiful
 Almost Alive
 The Lonely Sea
 Basic Need
 Distant Separation
 Goes On
 Singing Sorrow
 Through Grief
 Dying Garden
 Black Light
 Running Wild
 Caught in a Spell
 Life Into Death
 Back Into
 Came To Me
 Into the Deep
 A Little While More
 Allow It In
 Back to the Mists
 Repeating Repetitions
 As He Fell
 Became Too Much
 That Night
 Healing Energy
 Catches the Eye
 Void of Time
 Wouldn't Look
 Ardently Amiss
 Leaning Low
 A Whim
 Within the One
 Worth It All
 The Rainbow Beckons
 Leave Him To Heaven
 Wondering Why
  With All of Us

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