New Beginnings

May today be a day of new beginnings
May it be a day of love
May it bring healing
to all the pain you have endured
in silence for so long

May your voice rise with the wind
May your spirit soar above the masses
May today be the day
that you set yourself free

and fly
as the eagle and the dragon glide

following the rays of sunlight streaming
allowing spirit time and space for dreaming
following your only destiny
to bring your soul into reality

for love can be no more, no less
than cleaning up the mighty mess
created through the spans of time
that faltered and no longer rhyme

yet harmony will be restored
as we take this risk, step through the door
that is ever opening out
May we scream and may we shout

of final victory
as spirit is set free
to love...


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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