New Dawn

I wake to sun aglitter through
the Aspen leaves as sky so blue
speaks of love just newly born
in the movement of two human forms

I search the horizon, but I cannot see
another living soul but me
yet still I sense the presence of
another soul reborn in love

as if beyond the Aspens tall
another waited for my call
Pulling in my breath, I call out loud
but the earth and sky and vastness shroud

the sound of my unholy cry
in silence I must wonder why
I am being kept apart
from he who is my heart

In movement, I begin the trek
feeling like a tiny speck
in the flow of universal rhythm
will I ever mend the schism

that keeps my love and I apart
my motion is a brand new start
To blaze a trail where few have gone before
and dare to open each and every door

to free the past, to let it go
within the stream that is the flow
of life that moves through every being
finding a new way of seeing

patterns of the greater web
gain within the loss; the thread
of each within the tapestry
is woven through infinity

Some threads join, then fall apart
others blend, becoming part
of growing patterns of the mind
awareness of a source behind

and I wish no more than this: to know
the soul behind great hand that holds
this weave in place
through time and space

Copyright 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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