New Worlds

New worlds await us
as these dreams of love unfold
composed of flowing gold
mercurial in temperament
metallically fluorescent
ancient and new and ever-evolving
giving and taking and at times consoling
yet ever flowing in pure streams
emotively empowered by all heart

and this power is expanding out
into eternity
archetypal in its basic nature
composed of of great creative stature
that rouses all infinity
to swirl and repeat
this bond of love
that holds together
each experience of ecstasy

New worlds are waiting
demanding to be born
painfully, at times intruding
into our full awareness
taking time to the brink
of its ultimate extinction
while life lives on

and if but once
we open up and listen
truly listen
to the message being sent
we realize this love is heaven-bent
and drift awake into awareness
dreaming dreams
of spirit's great descent

into these very cells of form
as metallic murmurs whisper
in a syncopated beat
of all the joy and happiness
we dare to share and thus employ
within a scope of dazzling spheres
of living, loving light . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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