Night Divine

Heat arising and descending
meeting in between
the skies of mind
and base solidity of form
when suddenly
a lightning flash
reaches out to penetrate
the form of earth itself

as Zeus awakens
in a flash of light
that crashes down
and thunder now resounds
throughout the air
as base and height
become as one

first a burst of light
and then the ecstasy
of moisture flowing free
within a sacred glen
ringed round by oaks
that guard the solitude
of our integrity

'Tis night
yet starlight shines
so brilliantly
that everything is seen
within its misty hues
of gold and deepest blue

and every lover knows
that skies of mind
and heights of soul
exist within this flesh
that we create

at this centerpoint
where flesh indeed can fly
and lovers sigh
through every night divine

when once they meet
in skies of deep and everlasting
feeling of rose-colored tones
within the heart of all creation

in unity now recomposing
every multi-colored hue
of the dawn of all creation
evolving in and through
this love we make . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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