Night Eternal

This is a night of magic pending
for the autumnal equinox is here
Begin the harvest of the plenty
from the fields far and near

The moon is just a day away
from the fullness of her splendor
and she turns the night so bright
it seems a day of ecstasy unending

Sensuous, her touch upon our skin
as spirit bodies swirl and blend
and we drift into the dream
of two as one

and I melt into your eyes
while a million stars within the skies
shine down upon the silky skin uncovered
Forever would I be your lover

in this night of magic's mystery
when all we feel and all we see
is lightly intermeshed
in the touch of flesh on flesh

as night eternal
kindles sweet desire
in the fire of your touch
and love responds


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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