Night of Nights

Oh, night of nights
these moments that arrive
just before the dawn's awakening
when quiet seems complete
and total understanding
lies again within our reach

Let me be alive and knowing
just now in this continuous
and ever-living
moment of awakening
and more than this
for I strive now to survive

One soul, one body
yet connected so entirely
to all the world about me
a world so in need
of self-expression

Yet now, just now
just before the sun
brings light again to life
and people yet once more
begin to scurry through their lives

Right now, just let me be
a particle within this wave
of greater being
flowing in this tide of all awareness
seeking, searching for a way
to yet express the emptiness
that lies somehow within and hidden
in a dormant secrecy

incubating just one seed
that leads to momentary
memories of bliss
when all the world
is once again contained
within a greater womb
of the unknown's imagining

when future calls
but not too loud
and the past lies like a shroud
upon the grave of all that used to be
and we realize that memories
are not alive at all

Yet still and only this remains
one momentary moment of reunion
with the source of all that is
that must include its past
and every future in
the awesome power
of its pure potentiality

And so I say to all right now
Be, just be
to the best of your ability
and all the universe
will waken and respond
to this, the greatest need of all
one pure and unadulterated
momentary kiss by all the bliss
that love unfolds

Oh, night of nights
right now, I pray
continue to unfold yet more
of this mere particle of grace
that I might bring your insights
into this, the true reality
of form that is alive right now
just now in this one moment
of pure unity
when dark meets light
in all awareness
that deems to be itself
within this world of dreams unfolding

This source of everything
that comes to be
just one
within a greater sense
of creativity . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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