Night of Rainbows

A rainbow shining in the night
joining soul to soul
in star-like jeweled perfection
while arching waves of color
twinkle brighter than the stars
in spheres yet more mysterious
than any secret ever kept

Picture this:
a soul that dares express
these great emotions of enlightenment
and quickly now
the threads are recomposed
into a gold yet rosy glow
that opens up all heart

with blues that greet
cerulean hues of oceans deep
and just seem to come alive
for at last another spirit
dares to dive
into this living stream
of loving dreams

Now feel this flow of love begin
to move into each particle of being
recomposing everything
even now, as raindrops fall
and memory recalls
just who we are

Beings of light
creating arching rainbows
in a night that never ends
but simply streams
yet once again into the dawn
of everything that is . . .

? Michaelette?

Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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