Night Skies

Night skies
in deepest shades of blue
bring a melody
that rings so true
all else is overwhelmed

by ever-changing forms
of harmony
reaching out to touch
the source of all reality

for air will weave
its magic fantasies
through earth and fire
to conspire with the moisture found
abundantly in mortal form

as stars alight
within each pair of eyes
that open to the all
of life's reality

We are
yet we can only be
within a heart that beats
in sync with all reality

Colors swirl
as planets twirl
seeking, just as we
the means and meaning
of the words "to be"

Yet what does it really mean
to be?
and what can the truth
of being bring?

without the beauty only seen
through eyes that come to know
this wisdom of hearts opening out
to skies of night in essence of delight

to find ourselves within
the fantasies we spin
and we wake to find rebirth
in weaves composed of threads
alive and ever recomposing life

within this tapestry of co-creation
for love would come to know
of even this
the light that shines
within night skies
and us . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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