Night To Day

Night to day
and day to night,
life passes in a symmetry
of cyclic, natural motion.

Yet we,
of all the species on this earth,
seem able to amend and change
the very nature of its passing
by will and mind and choice;

That bring so many keys
to a level of pure understanding
expressed and thus revealed,
changed and revolutionized,
by all we've come to be.

Stronger, when we stand together
weaker, as we're drawn apart
by diversionary tactics
of those who seek no more
than power and control,
that  have yet to reach
for a purity of power
within their heart and soul
where love resides;

Too afraid
that they would lose control
but of what, they're not quite sure
because their base belief
is that they are unlovable
so they play the roles
of pre-conceived control,
powerless to change
the building feelings
of inadequate and constant flux
that stem from there within
the very base of the beliefs
that they hold true.

Yet still, we are just this
born of all of nature's bliss
and so must become the flow
of all that is most natural to us
as night to day
and day to night
life passes in a symmetry
of cyclic, earthly motion
that runs right through the core
of all we are . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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