Night Unfolding

First the shock
as numbness steals
the pain away
and then denial
when the trials just begin
that seem to test our strength
to the extreme

illness, death and dying
succumbing without trying
for strength is fading fast
and we wonder
if we'll last another day
without her here

but then the dream
as starlight streams
into this broken heart
when heaven opens out
and there within the sky so blue
a deeper blue outlines a mystery

and there she stands
encircled in such loving arms
embraced within a living grace
a beatific smile
divinely lighting up her face

for she's upheld now
by the goddess of us all
and divinity has healed
all the many pains
that her life in time revealed

while here within this dream
without a word, she speaks to me
of eternity within this love
she's always felt for me
and tells me that this love
will always be my guiding light

How sweet, this lullaby
of night unfolding . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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