No Longer

I sat and watched
as the systems of this world sought
to turn my children into automatons
and in silence, I took on the rage
(but for a bit it spilled
through seams that split
from its great pressure)

But now within this pain, I must express
some part of this unending mess
we have allowed into creation
for I will not allow my children
to die within the darkness stealing
the power of love away

I will no longer stand aside
or hush the cries of night
within my womb
for if I do
it will become the tomb
of all that might have been
if only I had spoken from the heart

and I can no longer sit and watch
as the children of our lives
are tossed away
to roam within the dark
of our denial

so I seek to speak
the wisdom of the heart
in hopes this love I feel
will at last come streaming through
the icy climbs of mind detached
and segregated from the depth of soul

The question then becomes:
Will you . . . ?


Summer 1999
Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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