Now Is Gone

A vacancy reigns in her eyes
where once a bright
and shining light came forth
while those who knew her
in her younger days
are left to wander
what might have come over
the free and easy spirit
that she used to live so well

for she seems to have become
no more than just a human shell
wherein emotion can no longer
rise and fall
nor sorrow take its toll
upon the soul

No rage, no anger
not even blind frustration
can move her face
to living grace again
for she was somehow
lessened by the vastness
of unearned experience

that took what ought to be
and turned it into ashes
in her glance
when something in her spirit
fled so deep inside the shell
it's as if no animation dwelt
within the motions that she made
so automatically

for the shock of trauma
had revealed itself
so completely and unerringly
within a moment of eternity
that she was lost
and the cost of just that moment
so unforgivingly untamed
was her own soul

so she remains
while all that was most vital
in her eyes of one-time splendor
now is gone . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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