Oceanic Depth

The swell of waves as oceanic depth
reveals itself to essence of pure air;
commanding, demanding an abysmal change
emotive in its derivation of complexity
within a realm of wisdom's comprehension
dwelling mid the endless seas
of unity conceived of life in form.

And life is so much more;
it beats, it roars, in savage-like simplicity
to reach these shores of ultimate rebirth,
beyond the call of all obeisance.
merging everything that is
within a sense of wholeness
only found in a rebellious attitude
that seeks to speak in tones of understanding.

Not solitary in a sense of isolation
nor lonely in a longing unrevealed
oh no, much more than any thing
can ever be that stands alone;
for we are one beyond all boundaries
or sense of gross imprisonment
becoming in our longing
channels of a greater creativity
than life in time has ever known before.

A light divine reveals now
how life evolves within the motion of it all
not in a cross of pain and sorrow felt
for it breathes its birth in joyous interludes
of love exceedingly renowned
to move beyond the known of all expectancy
within each heart expanding out to reach
each sense that flesh allows itself to be
within these realms of pure experience.

That touches, as we touch right now
in essence of all flesh and form
while particle to particle
we move in waves of utter tenderness
that nurtures the unending seeds
of our potentiality to love it all
dwelling in the swells of all emotion,
oceanic depth revealed in utter mystery
as the need to breathe this air of creativity
enters back into reality again.

Cerulean, these deeps of heart and soul
that keep the hope of love alive
incubating in the dark
that reaches out from each and every cell
as golden brightness seeds the sight
of star-strewn skies in night's awakening
to oceanic depths of flesh revealed to be
the birth of every living symphony
in essence of the air of love we breathe. . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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