Of His Soul

She waited there
within a crystal castle in the sky
where all he cherished most
would lie untouched by heart and hand
as if abandoned or perhaps
just simply put upon display
beneath a dome of crystal glass
(How he marveled
when at first she learned to fly
from within these crystals
out into the sky)

At times she cried
when longing seemed to overwhelm
the starlit lullabies the night composed
for she wanted nothing more
than just to be with him
there within the flesh and blood
of the earthly and the real
(And he marveled yet again
when she first learned to laugh
'twas like a trill of birdsong
that surrounded and completed him)

Patience is a virtue
and she its secret song
that silence could no longer keep concealed
for angels came and taught her how to sing
and like a bird within a golden cage
she waited even as she sang
(Oh, how he marveled
when she first learned to sing
those pure, clear melodies
that touched his heart
and made it skip a beat)

Flying softly then
upon a gentle lullaby
she stole back in
to that place where loving memory reveals
the deep desires of a heart concealed
seeking through experience to be
one moment of free-flying ecstasy
(How he marvels now
that she doth bring
new life into
these dreams he dreams)

Now he sleepwalks
through his endless days
wishing all his life away
waiting for this dream to come again
(And now he marvels
that he ever let her go
this sweet fulfillment
of his soul . . . )


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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