Of I Love You

Love comes
and we must follow it
wherever it may lead
for any less would only mean
that love would flee the scene

and when you and I
come touching close to ecstasy
all borders simply melt away
Love whispering "forever"
on the wind

Echoing vibrations now rebound
for when I say that I love you
you always say
I love you, too
and our love abides now
through and through
even as we drift
into these waking dreams

and realities of scenes
that have yet to come to be
or seem they should be left behind
within/without known forms of this
our earthbound pre-existence
seem real within this time's continuum

In this one realm
this one and only known
yet alternate and alternating
focus in the view of all reality
time seems to keep just moving on
in linear lines or changing chains
that link and bind
each time and place unto another
in ordering preclusion of the rest

Yet we exist in a continuum
that ever moves and breathes
all life to creativity
within these forms we know
and love becomes
the one true quality
that seeks to bring us home
to shores of evermore
within a misty bliss
of dawn in reawakening

where bliss lies in one kiss
and happiness becomes one smile
with ecstasy so easily in reach
as we move
through peaks and valleys
on a path we've never tread before

or could it be we have . . . ?
in some seeming distant long ago
before e'en time was born
in another tapestry of earth
newborn in innocence
as blinking little stars were born
to dance along with us
through days of paradise
before the fall and the ascent
pre-dating any increment
of clock or calendar

all this is here again right now
simply seeking for expression
that all might find
what we now come to know -
this love, these words, this bliss
within a lasting kiss
that speaks without a word
of I love you . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
Artwork by:  Daniel B. Holeman
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