Of the Core

Molten metal, liquid heat
fiery mists and nebulae
flying through the heavens high
and flowing now through veins that lie
beneath the surface of perception

joining and repeating
increasing and depleting
vibrations of eternal energy
become a living harmony
of the force of life in motion

spirals joining, end to end
to move and dance and blend
created to extend a single point
while magnetized, the center of it all
sends out its whispered call

and there upon the wind
we find the answers to it all
in a sense of unity and vast diversity
that lives beyond our comprehension
brightening every sorrow
heightening every joy

Listen, can you hear?
just before you fall asleep
a voice so gentle and so deep
arising from the core of everything
sweetly now, it sings a lullaby

and then, when dawn is breaking
on the distance of horizons bold
when the dreams of night
have not quite lost their hold
the song of morning rises to rejoice
giving wings to rays of light

as angels gather round
intensifying sight and sound
voices raised and rising
in expression of it all . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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