Of This Earth

Oh, towering height of trees
now singing sweetly in our ears
How is it that you bend and sway
so gracefully
e'en now in storm-swept skies…?

And you, oh rose
that grows so beautifully
amid the past and future warmth
within a memory of seed
that sleeps, e'en now
beneath the winter snows

Or you, in a purity of whiteness
you, frost that comes
and goes upon a window pane
to paint harmonious refrains
upon the silence of a winter storm
within the ever-blooming nature
of the cycles of all life

and clouds, oh clouds
billowing between
the height and depth of everything
at times descending moisture
and at other times, yet so much more
as you ascend and gather
all around yourselves in form

while the sun
in all the brightness
of its ever-burning rays
alights upon this everything
we call reality
that we may know of soul

even as the nature of this Earth
expresses utter beauty
for the eye of soul to thus expose
within a great expression
of emotive energy
that feels itself right to the core
of even this, our being

within a hush, as gusts of wind
whisper of this mystery unending
in all the many hues, so natural
yet e'er reforming in all being
bringing tapestries of being
betwixt and in between
the high and low

and there!
an errant butterfly
now freed from its cocoon
flutters every moment of
it's short-lived life away
within the freedom
of its utter being

as angels swoon
and sing a tune of evermore
through every voice
that dares to sing
of the essence of the everything
we live and breathe and thus
become a voice that speaks
in meaning and in essence
of this Earth . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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