Oh, Angels

Oh angels, that now seem so close
please bring to me this love
that feels so much within all distance,
its unity must deem itself as all

Please sing to me the harmony
of all that you compose
within your all-encompassing
pure moment of the spirit
of all being

Oh angels, please become the home
my heart has ever sought
right here, right now, within
this seeming madness of reality
for I need no more than this
one touch of your eternal bliss
to bring all of reality of form
to the realms of your eternal being

And I simply cannot understand
how any reprimand
might be allowed to stand
between this love of you and I
that very simply
must become this love
of all reality in form

Oh angels, now so close to me
please bring to me my love
for I feel him e'en now
within all distance
and this unity of ours
must deem itself as real
at last reborn...


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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