Oh Infinite

Oh infinite, this love we share
endless gentle, loving care
he kisses me with lips divine
as I worship at an altar out of time
and we breathe each other in and out
to simply celebrate
each moment of this fate so glorious

Love, my love
oh, infinite distraction
I wake and sleep
to dream this dream of you
while words become
mere echoes of the wind
for the only sound I hear
is the sweet and sultry sound
of whispered kisses in my ear

and this love becomes
much more than any base
of knowledge given
for our destiny is this
and we have found our home
forever living in each other's heart
while meaning springs eternally
from hearts that beat as one
in depth and height of density's delight
each cell singing songs of ecstasy

We are lost in this amazement
as if floating out in space
where boundlessness
becomes an endless grace
of loving thee
and sizzling sensation
tingles through our soul
awakening each particle of flesh

for love moves through and through
this I of you in flesh of form
a harbinger of such delight
that destiny bows down
and moves yet once again
creating bliss
oh infinite, this feel of I love you


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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