Oh, Love

Oh Love
unuttered state of ecstasy
I ride this bliss of thee
into the stars

Oh startling rush
come lie with me, my love
and we shall come to be
pure ecstasy
contained within
a nimbus of delight

I kiss your lips
and endless bliss
unfolds around and into us
for these human forms of angels
just now coming into form
alight just here

simply being, oh so close
that voices on the wind ascend
accompanied by harmonies
beyond imagining

and now we touch
I kiss your eyes
I kiss your brow
so tenderly, that worlds somehow
just open out

and we are free
to ride this touch into eternity
running wild within a sudden stillness
Oh, hush of sound divine
long wild-grass is bending in our wake

and this rhythm
all encompassing
becomes much more
than any heart that beats

while running wild
we plunge into a cold and flowing stream
and then the dream comes true
for the sun doth warm the cold away
as I ride my stallion wildly
and he responds
with all of his virility to me

and so the angel comes to be
pure form of this reality
and seeks no more than this
one endless kiss divine
encompassing much more
than mind can know

blending, melding with eternity
in tapestries of endless hues of beauty
as the deepest of desires
turns to one eternal flame
of love's endurance
flickering through days and nights
of love's embrace

as pleasure now becomes a flow
that streams of satiny delight
riding into sunset hues
of our deliverance
and a choir of heavenly angels sing
moaning, groaning so resplendently
in harmonies forever being born anew
that love of life is now renewed
as spirit becomes one with flesh of form

This love of life
completely unsurpassable
is every movement
every measurement
exact, at times, in increments
flowing in a stream divine
for love is life
becoming real
right now

just yours and mine
and ever growing
simply, slowly flowing
touching every cell
each pore now blossoming
in love eternal

Oh Love
unuttered state of ecstasy
I ride the wind to you
and these stars
now being born
now seem to be a signature
of every love come true . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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