Oh, Magic, Magic

Oh, magic, magic, come to me
in flows of earth and air and sea
as just a scent of all the air we breathe
for I have lost my way within these mists
of surreal, unending mystery

And the mirror has disappeared
and now it seems I've stepped right through
into a realm of utter secrecy
and never has a word been spoken
of all that lies unbroken in this spell

Where magicians seem to dwell
in utter absence of their power
to affect the known
of matter's known reality

Is this Avalon responding then . . . ?
but where the castles without end
or knights in gleaming armor to defend
the maidens fair that dare
to venture from the walls
of their enclosure

Is Merlin then still here . . . ?
and if it's so, just where
might I find the eloquence
of wisdom thus retained
within a past that seems
so far away indeed

Yet it seems his brand of magic
stayed and strayed with him somehow
into the mists beyond recovery
for in this now
into which we are born
no fire flares from fingertips
as in the days of yore

And so I must demand again
oh, magic, magic
calling softly in the wind
please tell me how
to bring you back to life . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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