Oh, Mercury

Lights dancing in a silvery ring
transforming everything
within the power of a god
oh, Mercury, what joy you bring
within the gold of moonlight's glow

While constellations move in answer
to your call of harmony
that sings into the spheres
and rings in syncopated rhythm
as if a million jeweled centers
opened out from deeps of indigo
into azure skies of brightest blue
to kiss the eyes beheld at break of day

You ride the tides of airy light
in currents of the deepest sympathy
guiding souls to see their own reflection
to seek, to find, and oh, at last, be found
as galaxies spin cyclically throughout

Listen! Such enchantment pours
as if from hollowed form
yet oh, how sweetly strings can sing
as your fingers lightly trace a melody
awakening within the sure serenity
of vibrations that have dazzled
e'en courts of ancient kings

And we dance as if the dawn
will never come to be again
as stardust rides on moonbeams
seeking only to come back into
the world of light again

We sway, by right of music playing
flowing from your hands
into the winds of time
and find ourselves aligned
with universal energies
that only come to be because of thee

Oh, Mercury, what joy you bring
as love flows free from silvery strings
reaching cross the golden chimes
of all eternity . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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