One Form

A savage and desolate beauty
frees the mind and soul
cliffs baring inner beauty
in a steep and sweeping
visage of the whole

Sunshine dances on the waters edge
while further out upon the waves
the storm clouds gather
while stillness wanes
and winds begin to rage
as if to push the landscape
back in place

and the cliffs arise
giving challenge to the wind and sky
to change the shape and texture
of the vast accumulation of their being
while there upon the cliff stands one
who dares the primal powers to take hold

One so rare, so bold
that the wind, the sky, the earth
support this form upon the edge
for a raging fire burns within this heart

The elements, in shock
take stock of this anomaly
and feed these flames
completing form's desire
and the storm surrenders and surrounds
a stillness only found within the core
of being bound to time and place

until, within this quiet space
the grace of motion now unbound
becomes the miracle
of just one mortal form


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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