One Man

One man
creating beauty with a touch
bringing flowers and trees
to bear and bloom
in splendid majesty
that all his friends might see
and be reminded
of the meaning
of this life we live

For all of this is love
in motion and in stillness
within a silent feeling
unaltered by the many moods of mind
that speaks just as the earth doth speak
in wind and clouds and sky
and roots that sink so deep
the willow weeps in joyous celebration

This love that comes to us
unasked and unrepentive
Serpentine, it coils unknown
until one soul makes note
of its conception

'Tis then that beauty springs
from a forever of abundance
to bring this love back home
in flowers that bloom

and trees that turn
in orange and crimson glory
to a million winter mornings
that abide in peaceful mystery

awaiting in all surety the spring
because one man
took note of all creation's beauty
expanding it within his loving touch . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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