One Night

Masculine and feminine
in all of their extremity
met one night upon the great Pacific shore
and in a chill, autumnal warmth
blessed this moment with a clarity
that never seems to end

They came together
there and then
in a moment of pure ecstasy
exalted now in memory
as high and low and left and right
became one-pointed symmetry

while all he did was hold her hands
and gaze directly in her eyes
to whisper secrets of the sea
that came to him in sleepless dreams
there beneath the star filled skies
as spirit of the earth and he took flight
into these fires burning bright
these orbs that somehow reached
an intensity the sun had never known

Her eyes, his eyes
penetrating everything
the deep of oceans
the energy of spring
even cold and snowy heights
where mountaintops would dare
to reach in thinness of the air
for the sight and source of warmth
only to find the warmth arising
from somewhere deep inside
this earth that round the sun
would spin in cyclic evolution

round and round
circumference whirling
slowly through the eons
that they'd come to know as time
and they, mere particles
of incandescence then
opening each sense, each pore to feel
the song of life in all its great appeal
as each motion and emotion merged somehow
the anger and the shame, the guilt
the rage that we would dare
to try to tame these souls
whose power is the source of life itself

Sublimated fires of desire were unleashed
and their heat became the chemistry of life itself
while too, within this union
the feel of fear, so overpowering before
dissipated - as a fog that's touched
right to the core by sunshine's rays
and simply disappears

'Twas then they found the source
that very point encompassing
everything that life might bring their way
hidden while apparent
standing strong and still and rooted
and undulating with the currents all about

opening, then closing
modulating flows even as it let them go
to be whatever fate or destiny decreed
beating strong, uniquely individual
yet synchronized within this greater rhythm
as sight and sense and touch became
a symphony of eons yet unnamed

One night, two points becoming one
became the sun and stars and more
for there upon the shore
a heat arising from the center
arose to meet and greet
and thus become these universal tides
while o'er the world wide
a hush descended
for the nightmare of the dream had ended
and love had dreamt itself to life yet once again
and all they ever really had to do
was let it be

then days and nights
within their ever-living motion
moved like waves that wash upon the shore
into this state of utter knowing clarity
and confusion once again became
the power of loss and gain
but memory lingers still
beneath the world of everyday
of this moment when they came together
so entirely
and memory sustains
each loss within the gain of everything

while each and every time
this memory arises in the mind
they are together once again
as time and distance now suspend
all that becomes ordinary in a life
Together there, in flesh and mind and soul
upon the shore of waters that still move
crashing, then absorbing into shores
changing, ever rearranging form

Together once again and for all time
eyes plummeting to heights and depths untold
hands holding still the secrets
whispered then and whispering still
for in this moment, bright as day
that one and only ever night still lives


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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