One Step Taken

One step, so hard to take
in motion that will set
the spirit free
to merge with every sense and feel
of this form's reality

Sultry the night
when spirit burns bright
and freedom's song is played upon
the winds of magic's fantasy

while waves in ocean swell
and there you are, my love
standing on the water's edge
looking out to sea
where every fantasy can come alive

Sun shining on cerulean hues
of ocean's depths
as soul on soul reflects
an endless tapestry
that is what it may be

and you look upon this sea
of all eternity
your eyes alight
with sun that shines
more than twice as bright
as what it used to be

and feel love's true reality
come back to life again
as reaching out, we touch
light as a feather
and smooth as silk
that flutters in the wind

and we rise to this
and each encounter

Gently, oh so gently laying down
upon the ground that seeks to share
the intimacy dared in light of day
as flesh on flesh
we intermesh

each movement now becoming
yet one more step upon
this path we follow
to the heart of home


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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