One True Heart

I will not be your sacrifice
and I have never claimed
to be a savior to another
for saviors always die
upon the cross and altar
of idealistic stance
that never learns to truly dance
the dance of life itself

and I refuse to be your specimen
pinned upon a board
to be scientifically analyzed
within your deep devotions
to your mind
a specimen that you
will never see for what it is
a hologram
of the totality you wish to know
yet whole and everlasting in itself

I do not wish to play
a role of fantasy with you
or that of faery taking flight
to alight upon your lap
and satisfy your deepest needs
while mine are left unfilled

for all I wish and want to be
I am
and I do not seek your alteration
I only seek the sweet libation
of the nectar
that two hearts who love can bring

I do not seek
to feel your woundedness
as if my own
So healer, heal thyself
before you dare approach
another living heart

piercing it
with focused, deadly
beams of thought
that waken me from dreams
of what is true

dreams of what might be
if only you would reach inside and heal
the one true heart
that beats inside of you


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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