One White Lie

One white lie
and so the weave begins
One lie to base a life upon
One lie unweaving love
that's spun of heart and soul

One lie allowed will grow
in anger intermeshed
until the red of rage
combines with one white lie
becoming one deceptive hue
rose-colored as the early morning sky
shining round this great illusion

But oh, deceit
so subtle, sweet
destroys its maker in the end
for soon or late
somehow, someone
will pull the thread
on which your lies have hung
and the life that you have spun
will then unravel
to leave you so disheveled, so alone

Until one day
the truth will enter there
where that little lie began
to finally explode the masks
of all that isn't love

The shards will prick and cut
and you will bleed
for all the needs unmet
while you lived within your net
of disillusionment

White pain will blossom everywhere
within the scope of this awakening
till finally spent, you'll lie
unmoving and unmovable
still seeking for the reason why
you allowed one little lie
such power over you

and each deceit that you sent out
will then return to you
There is nothing you can do
now to avoid
the sense and feel of emptiness
within the void of this unmaking

then the terror and the shaking
will begin
until you see, beginning to the end
how a lie once spun
can tear a heart and life apart

and there upon the altar
of your own dismemberment
suffering this agony unspent
you'll be reborn

within a grace, another chance
to let the truth enhance
this life in time
in the fall and then the climb
to heights divine

unless you choose instead
another minor variation of discord
and yet once more
tell one white lie

so insignificant it seems
yet still it brings
the powers of the dark
to life again
to muddy every dream
of life and love that might have been

Claiming innocence
even as you ache
and wonder why
I had to go away


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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