On the Tides

I feel another page now turning
in this book we live as life
and a new and lively tale unfolding
as even dreams within the night
speak boldly of its coming

Exciting times of new beginnings
coming on the tides
as the moon is realigned
with planets whirling free
in an awesome harmony

created of a rhythm
beating long before
the time of mind was born
and matter was a shallow form
of thought

but now the atmosphere is charged
with a bright new energy
and change is streaming
through the very wind we breathe
come from the very core
of all creation

and all who were content now sense
unearthly powers rising through
channels newly opening
as the weave of all eternity
redeems itself

in patterns ever new
as another page is turned
and the white
upon this page awaits
its coming tale to grow


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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