Open Approach

Even as you approach me
you hold yourself back
as if your feet
were weighted down by lead
and refused to move
at the command of your head

yet how airy and how light
the feel of soul that reaches
to become this flesh we are
even as the soles that are our feet
still seek to lead us home

Is this a blessing or a curse?
your open door
and the warmth of glowing light
that reaches out to me
calling for no more than that
I take those measured steps
into your arms

What will I find?
once I step in
to this inner world
that you have spent so much
of all you are just to create

Can I ever know
without taking
those few steps
that would lead me
there to you?

But if I do
will you leave me
torn and tattered in the end
instead of loved
as so many others
have already done?


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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