Opposites Relating
To forgive, but not forget

That he would take 
all the love I had to offer
and leave my heart barren and cold.

What is it 
that allows some to do that
and feel no regret?

That he would accept my honesty and trust
and the best of all I am
and never offer back the same - instead
in return, to lie and cheat and steal
as if he had rights and I didnít

No more will I accept that inequality 
nor will I go to that extreme.
My answers have never been found 
in becoming like an other
nor in quiet acquiescence

but in mapping out the middle ground
that lies between the give and take
the thief and martyr
the angel and devil
the holy man and whore

No longer will I live the pain
projected from anotherís shadow
or stand in lifeless loveless gloom

For me the warmth of summer sun
and music that the stream will play
when passing over stones
For me the supple bend and sway

Of branch that lives beyond the storm
accepting natureís nurturance
returning love increased in time
by flow from low to mid to high
connecting all in unison

For me, respect for who I am
beyond collective masks that hide
the possibility of wholeness

Not one, or the other
But all combined, both good and bad
in interplay of opposites relating
creating the unlimited energy
of a life fully lived
as male and female intertwine
within the soul divine

So that no matter feel of loneliness
from loss of love, the base of life
there is always someone there for me
shining through the secrecy
that seeks to divide the inseparable
for gain that only leads to loss
of love

to take this time, that is right now
and flow within the forceful field
of ever evolving spirit
and touch the truth of wisdomís form

To struggle, then to be reborn
within a world without restraint
of time and space that breaks apart
the unity of newborn heart

that beats in universal rhythm
and teaches that it may become
the truth of life begun

? Michaelette ?

Copywrite© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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