Our Beginning

I sit here wishing you'd come back to me
open-hearted and free
just as you seemed in our beginning

I might as well wish for the moon, I suppose
or the bloom of the rose
as the sun shines
brightly, oh so brightly on the snow
of this cold and icy winter day

Yet I remember when
desire burned hotter
than any moral code of cold
uncaring vows of evermore

We dreamed such dreams then, you and I
of sun and moon and open skies
and traveling the world wide
to spread this gift, this grace of love
that flowed between us

Then came the fall
a shooting star within the night
and you took flight
in fear of fascination
underlying e'en the life of love itself

Quickly, then, so quickly
you withdrew
into dark moods of yesterdays
parts played upon the stage
of all that used to be

and our pledge made to eternity
to follow love
no matter where it took us
became a wisp of smoke
from dying embers of a fire
never stoked again

I breathed it in, no less
and choked upon the dark
and curling shadows that it drew
Picturesque, the themes that came
in visions loosed into the endless skies

Yet still, I had to try
just one more time
'Twas then I came to you
there, upon the ocean's shores
to bring the dream of love to life again
but you stood stoic in defense
of all you thought you used to be

Waves crashed then
and frenzied, wild whitecaps bent
to terrorize the grains of sand
undefended in their small
yet singular existence

I watched you standing
by the mighty power unleashed
from depths unfathomed
never dreaming that they beat upon your soul

It was then I came to know
how distant we'd become
as the waves drummed on and on
and you opened your soul to receive
the sirens of the sea
instead of me

Months have passed since then
yet still you defend
strange and silent voices echoing
from depths beyond our understanding
and I find I must reach
for the heights once again
else drown within the shadows
of all that could have been

yet here upon a quiet winter's morn
in memory I find myself
wishing you'd come back to me
open-hearted and free
just as you seemed to be
in our beginning


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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