Over the Edge

These intensities of mind
were just too much
for one alone to bear
Was this a dream that felt so real?

He found himself alone
standing at the edge of a sheer cliff
the stiffly blowing wind his only friend
for its power held him in his place
while his wings were not yet strong enough
to keep him in the air
and he stood there, in suspension

but his spirit
had a wandering urge
that surged within his being
and beyond his will
it pushed him plunging
over the steep edge
as all his fear of death
became just this:
the wings of flight
that finally set him free

for the wind upheld him
as the strain of upward movement
now became the glide
of every winged thing
that comes to know
the purity of air as elemental

joining now with scent and sound
and every feeling of the flesh
as earth and sky began to intermesh
within a glorious light
and intensity became a unity
of heart and mind
of body, soul

and he found the truth
for to reach
and touch the whole
is everything . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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