Paid in Full

Those dreams we dreamt
so glorious the feel of their creation
yet memory is fading fast
for society has put the stamp of "paid in full"
upon what started out
as an eternity of real relationship

and the power of society is great
even when it is misguided
but still this love lives on
and no matter what those others do or say
the day will come when we must realize
that meaning lies beyond all currency

Just listen to your soul
it tells you so
in all that vast emotion
indwelling at the centerpoint
of all you've come to be
telling you that destiny
really can't be handled or controlled
for every time the flow of love is blocked
your heart is made to suffer too

while the insanity that lies beneath
an ordered intellect is there to stay
and in its wild, crazy ways
it plots and plans to win each day
just as the sun is falling from the sky

It needs no reason why - it simply is
and being is the one and only thing
that really matters
not being this or that, but this and that
for there, within chaotic symmetry
in its dizzy, spinning circling
a peace beyond imagining
lies waiting for all mind's discovery

and all the love we feel
can never really be repaid at all
You know it's true
just ask the moon
even as you try
to let it go again . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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