Painful Truth

The truth can hurt at first
when sorrow unredeemed
becomes a searing pain
that needs to scream

Scream in rage
for the injustice
that turns true love
into the basest lies

Shall we create an alibi
for all our past mistakes?
or will we finally take that step
that opens up the heart again
to love

free and unrestricted now
beyond the need for paper vows
for we have lived
and we have grown
through all we never used to know

and what is truth?
if not a heart that beats
and opens in its cyclic ways
to close again another day
in every passing moment

Can we express
this opening and closing
in all honesty
and find a way
to get past all this pain?

or is this pain
the mere remains
of alibis that in the past
were spoken
as our hearts were opening
to yet another love?

I live, I learn, I love
and yet
I'm sure I'll never know
the intentions that so oft' will wound
in the name of love that leaves too soon

So I promise this and nothing more
to seek for love's eternal shore
where lovers come and go
with understanding

for love is many-faceted
and each facet must be lived
to become real
and real is so much more
than mere imagination claims

for real is simply dreams
we work and scheme
to make into reality
but tell me this
what good are dreams
that never stand a chance
of coming true . . . ?

They only create pain
that in truth remains
to haunt our days and nights
as passion takes to flight
and all that's left
is one alone
to bear the many sorrows
that all alibis will bring . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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