Particle of Light

Here within my heart
a particle of light so bright
it seems to outshine sunlight's beams
streams in newborn dreams
of each deliverance from the departure
of mere separation and division

and now in multiples increasing
it reaches past the sound
of decibels that seek completion
beyond the power
of mere mortal ears to hear

while there, within the breeze
a voice so clearly speaks to me
of love's true worth and quality
unconditioned by the power of will
or minds that seek to quell
the mighty flow of love's completion

and the beat moves on
strong and steady
always to be born
and born again
as we ascend and then descend
into the core of living flesh
for love is not a thing
that can be captured

It shrivels in the grip of those
that seek to hold and thus control
the reality of magic it creates

Love is more a living ray
of ever streaming colors
in shades of soft pastel
that cannot live for long
in just one place

Love needs to stream
right through the heart
opening and closing
in its movement
not in a particle alone
but in holographic waves

alive within the beat
that vibrates into heat
as particles repeat
their patterned dance
of ecstasy


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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