free-flowing energies of life
beyond the strife
that mind imposes

where opposites unite
in fields of dark and light
becoming stars
that in the night sky shine

Glorious, to see the flows
of emotion as it grows
to greater height and depth
within one perfect moment
of release

But what the price
paid on the morrow
as fear and wrath
and sorrow are exposed
and pain seems to implode
within a womb of darkness
brought to light?

and in the end
can a child born
transcend its heritage?

as we return to stilted patterns
that transpose
unity to bits and pieces
linear, there
within a ray of moving light

while at the point of intersection
where particle meets wave
or seed the egg
who feels the pain
of its explosion?

as energy's reborn
again in form


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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