Passion Flows

Passion moving through the soul
of this ever growing whole
but oh, not harsh, nor in a rush
but quietly within the hush

of the stillness found in starry skies
of innocence within the eyes
of every miracle reborn
within these living forms

Passion building, slow and sweet
making time replete
as God and Goddess join the flow
of love that ever grows

in touch as gentle as a breeze
that plays upon the skin with ease
and tousles every strand of hair
loosing every care

and oh, the peaks that can be reached
as we learn what love can teach
and oh, the valleys low
as bodies follow spirit's flow

These forms, they are not separate
This soul, it is not here or there
every particle incarnate
lives and breaths the same sweet air

while the greatest strength is found within
the gentle touch of skin on skin
at first so light, we barely touch
yet spirits weave the feelings of

healing beyond pain or fear
as passion slowly builds and nears
and we look into each others eyes
to know as real the heavens high

not in stress, or friction's feel
oh no, within the flow so real
of love…

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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