Past Lives

Life lives, yet always and ever
memory of what has come before
seeks to come into the fore
of this eternal consciousness
that seems to us to have its home
within our very being

Can you remember when
another age, of thought, became
the center of all life . . . ?

Not so long ago, it was
inundating mind with intellect
and yes, this focus was essential
to the very course of living evolution
yet still, our soul cries out to be
the center and periphery
of every living entity

So could it be that now, right now
as we grow into this new millennium
the past, in very essence
is crying out to be
the base, the root, the matrix
of humanity's deliverance?

not in separation though
but instead within a unity
encompassing the many fields
of intellect's diversity

Reach even further now
back into the past
right to the very myth of our beginning
and see Atlantis rise again
primordial image this
giving sense to feel of form's androgyny

as masculine and feminine
come at last to realize
the essence of their seeming other
submerged beneath the seas
of unconscious, moot identity

Atlantean, these stars so bright
still here, in stages of discovery
insisting on past entrance into life
of modern time and space and distance
somehow dissolving every instance
of our incongruity

that we may come to be
in all awareness
the essence and the harmony of life


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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