Path of a Life

A child cries in startled descent
as for the first time
they are born
to meet a chill of air
that feels like icicles
and prickles of pinpoints
playing on their skin
to become the very first
sensation of betrayal
as the warmth and the protection
of our mother's womb is left behind
and the beating of her heart
somehow becomes a distant thing

yet it is this very child
at just this very point
of unknown and unknowing dependence
that must learn to breathe
in and out, in syncopated rhythm
but this time on their own
never knowing that their mother
felt the pain of birth for them
and simply seeks to breathe
each breath with them
that they might live
and find continuance
even as she holds this pain within
until they grow and then become
full-formed and strong enough
to withstand it for themselves

Then in and of the greater world
this child will grow
in many, varied ways
as energy begins to rise
and reach the level of their mind
while every pain is soothed from them
by one who seems to love them more
than life itself
connecting yet protecting them
from even their own future
and the past that fathered war
and the staid and stagnant rules
contained within a hierarchy of power

Yet as they grow
they come to know instinctually
that their mother must begin
to withdraw and so must they
somehow in a more gentle way
than most fathers ever learned to do
while the harder they cling
the sterner the commands
that begin to bring them back
to their own sense of pain
that began with their birth
into this world of form
and their first separation
while this memory, within sensation
this very feeling of betrayal
begins to haunt them
in the dark of nights
now spent alone

while the longer and the stronger
they deny the pain they need to feel
the more alienated they become
from each other and themselves
as they both battle to hold on
and yet let go
to become, each one, an individuality
of an entirety that only
their own soul can hold in its totality

then a battle ensues for control
but control of what?
and when? and where?
as slowly, surely
the feeling of two hearts
being rent apart
beyond their want or will
must be perceived

and more than just perceived
but understood and then relieved
for they must move beyond
these battles for the primacy
of power itself
and learn to be, just be
the grace of life conceived
and given birth
while too, they must reach
to survive the primal fear of death
of this first and most important
relationship of every life in time

Yet how can we deny?
the power of the bond
that seeks to hold us close
within its grasp
even as we seek release
from its primordial hold

A mother's love
The love of mother
How can any one of us deny?
the need and the desire
for enclosure
in the tender yet complete
embrace of stronger
and yet other loving arms
as we begin to seek the source
of powers greater
than ourself alone can ever be

Eternal moments then become
the hours and the days
that clocks display
while subject and object
become the very interplay
of warring opposites
for the outer world of collectivity
and electricity that flows through wires
insists and then demands
we play the hand that we were dealt
in a structure of society that rules
in rules formed long before
we were even conceived of in form

while this culture, this society
seeks and demands to employ
and then destroy the very mood
of every loving atmosphere
while denying emotions
that arise within our hearts
for how can they be real?
they ask, as they insist
that we perform a given task
of motion without meaning
in mechanical descriptions
that could not be
without the first, original
primal beating of each heart

while ever and again
the feel of life and love
arises yet again within
each lone and often lonely
form of alienation
to bring back this primal bond
of masculine to feminine
and more
of masculine to masculine
and feminine to feminine
yet somehow now composed anew
within these greater flows
of love evolving

sometimes, and at the best of times
we proceed within the warmth
of love unfolding
yet even as we grow
it begins to seem
that more often than not
as weeks and months and years go by
caught up in battles
of defending and defense
and the destruction
of our e'er evolving innocence
this greater love is often nullified
by the very system
that brought us into life in form

for intellect has entered in
and been brought to an extreme
while seeking power to control
the very flows of feeling
that can blend into a greater love
than we have ever known before
a love that's grown beyond
the bonds of its original deliverance

while in power's ascent
and the focus of society
that's bent upon a mind's supremacy
the battle rages on
Mind or body?
Heart or soul?
Sense or sound or sight
or scent or touch?
Which truly should have preference?
and above all, which extremity
is deemed to be
the right and good, the positive
that in its very nature
could not exist without their opposites

while these battles often lead
to such offense
that deep bruises become wounds
that cannot heal
and loving hearts are sealed away
to feel this primal need
alone within the darkness of the flesh
that began as pure deliverance from pain

yet each and every level
high to low and in between
is reached and somehow realized
by those grown wise enough to see
themselves as particles
within the waves of all eternity

and more than this
to come to know
that each and every role
that is played upon the stage
of mere survival
is only that - a role
a part that's played
within the never-ending range
of all we are and e'er may come to be

See the mists now dissipating
Feel the glow of love relating
every particle to waves
that live and grow in stages
of an evolution of this love
we need to be

and now become
this loving energy reborn
in forms of aging, ever new
and sometimes startling
evolution of millenniums
that more and more we find
we come to be . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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