Path to the Stars

Every path is a path leading back to the stars
and never is there near or far
when taking steps in this direction
for spirit flies in exaltation

soaring o'er the mortal plane
while connected to the everything
Flame approaching greater flame
difference turning to the same

bright point of light within the sky
as focusing on light, we fly
together through the universe
We watch the galaxies traverse

great spans that in a thought are gone
for we are all becoming one
great unity of life and light
aware that when we set our sight

on any point, we travel there
every time we dare
to claim the power found within
this love that makes the worlds spin

uniting even near and far
as we walk this path back to the stars

?Michaelette ?

Copyrightc 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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