Let's give it up and try again
to find the path to love and then
to feel the joy within the dance
that comes of taking one more chance

for healing can be found within
a heart free to begin again
Opening, as a rose in bloom
releasing pain and making room

for something new, for something free
to live, to grow, to be
in rhythm with the universe
to float, and then to be immersed

within a river, vast expanse
to feel the flow of love enhance
each and every moment born
of time and space and form

allowing change
to rearrange
habits born of repetition
fear born of suspicion

so that when all is said and done
the parts are seen as only one
great spirit taking flight
forming patterns of the light

we know as love…

? Michaelette?

Copyrightc 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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