Patterns in the Weave of Time

A path of light to follow
as if the gods allowed
mere mortal man a glimse, a sight
of infinite and pure delight

 Its Peak
 Unique to One
 At Any Moment
 One White Lie
 Sands of Time
 Spider Webs
Spell of Light
 Easily Broken
 More Than Sorrow
 From Truth
 New Beginnings
 For the Best
 Low to High
 The Deed Is Done
 To Ease the Pain
 A Curious Blend
 Lying in Wait
 Love Becoming
Life Unfolding
Lost Within the Wind
 A Time Before Time
 One Moment Longer
 Mighty Stream
 Stolen Moments
One Moment
 Innocence Reborn
Wheel of Time
True Healing
Rhythm in the Night
 Jeweled Net 
 In the Distance
 Sweet Anticipation
 Pattern of the Whole
 The Offbeat of the Dance
The Sweetest Dreams
 Form of Time
 Eagle Soaring
 Angel Fish

 Dream Into Reality
Silent Desperation (II)
 Only Spirit
 Friday Night
 Between the Worlds
 Seeking Happiness
 Touching Close
 Worth Living For
 Echoes of Fire
 Freedom to Move On
Moving On
 Knowledge of the Night
Inward Bound
 Lost and Found
 Darkness Burning Bright
 Dreams Come True
 Just This Moment
 Heaven's Doors
 Where Do I Belong?
 To Know
 Another Day of Life
 The Dance of Life
Tapestry of Life
 The Weave
 Still Point
Pain Ascends
 Eve of Tomorrow
Friendship's Way
 The Network of the Mind
Altered Perception
 the lights went out
 The Spiral of Life
 Mists of Un-Time
  To Dream a Dream
  Circle of Fate
  Man of Wisdom
 In the Spirit of the Season
 Unity of Form
 A Perfect Whole
 All Aglitter
 Unity Undone
 Base of Reality
 A Child Born
 Depth of Truth
 Nothing More
 Within the Core
 Your Reflection
 Go with the Flow
 Sorrow on the Wind
 Love Untamed
 Beneath the Rage
 Because of You
 Yet Another Day
 Composition of Light
With You
Off in the Distance
 Surge of Peace
 Life's Renewal
 A Perfect Moment
Love for Love
The Power of the Word
 The Choice
 Infinite Dream
To the Wind
 Light of Life
What Great Hand...?
 Reality within the Dream
 To Heal
 Awaken to the Dream
 To Set the Spirit Free
 To Break the Bonds
   Promises, Promises
 Full Circle
 A World Born
 Eve of Confusion

Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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