Peaks and Valleys

High on a hill a castle looms
casting shadows in the gloom
that comes just as the sun
is setting in the west

A man, a crown
yet all around
is loneliness
for his queen has not returned

while far down in the valley
a pond forever forms
fed by the sacred streams of storms
surrounded by the ancient oaks
of bards remembering

and there she dreams
looking for an answer
within the rounds of ripples
forever moving out
from the center of the pond
where a silent whirlpool
sucks down the many moods
of life in time

When will she finally come to see?
the magic vision answering
her search for love and meaning
Yet how can she return
to the castle on the hill
without an answer . . . ?


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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