Perceptions of Soul

Energy of soul is life itself
descending so directly
from heights left undescribed
to depths beyond imagining

flowing through each form
directed and directing
every move that might improve
the quality and state
of life and being

Awakening a deity
sleeping deep within each cell
each particle of form unfolding
growing, pulsing, glowing
bruising our awareness
in its eternal seeking
for a greater comprehension of itself

More than image or imagining
deep feeling now so overpowering
we fall into the center
of the maelstrom of form
searching for a greater harmony

Cosmic, this intensity
of spirit's energy
that seems to come from up above
even as it rises from below
as the inner and the outer
are perceived as one great whole
that flows throughout
this known, unknowing universe
of our perception

Soul, the form and flow
of every particle and wave
moving toward a form's completion
quite beyond mind's comprehension
that would divide and separate
creating states of solitary loneliness
while destiny e'er seeks to overcome
every boundary composed
of soul's repression

until persistence finally penetrates
to core
and life ascends yet once again
to fountain out and then descend
just like a waterfall
to bless the air that's all about
with love, the light of all eternity
pure grace within the harmony
of one and all that is. . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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