Permanent Withdrawal

so now I know where honesty will lead
to a lost and lonely place in need
of love…

he'd rant and rave
as if somehow he'd save
the world from some insanity
by his temper and mind's vanity

he'd push and push
until it was too much
and then blame me
for the pain of his disparity

when truth be told
his spirit bold
attacked the very ones he loved
in every pain-filled moment of

his own despair

first he clung as if his life depended
upon the love that they defended
but then when love became the key
he turned his back in misery

as if by leaving love behind
he'd find his peace of mind
yet deep within the night
within his dreams, he'd fight

the demons that were his and his alone
and slowly, as his heart was turned to stone
withdrawal became permanent
while the fabric that was rent

was the bond between his heart and soul
and silently, his feelings stole
his life away

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1990 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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