Phantoms of Death

 Into Forever
 The Nightmares
Endless Hearts
To Ring True
Without Regard
Lost to Memory
Acid Rain
Into the Feel
Out of Sight
Lonely Echoes
Highways of the Mind
 A Martyr's Rune
Into the Magic
It's True
 The Light
Really Mine
Two as One
Love Blossomed
Was There
The Daisies Are Free
 Loving Entity
 The Alien
 The Meaning of It All
Withdrawn into Eternity
 Conquering It All
Family Politics
 Nightmare Trance
 Born of a Dream
 Through the Distance
 Life's Survival
 Pale Gray
 Mama, Please
Where Grief Begins
Hidden in Between
In Nature's Hands
Left Behind
No Delusion
A Certain Dignity
Blur of Pain
Lay in State
Behind the Cloudy Skies
Death Lingers
 Random Fathoming
Pins and Needles
 The End of a Beginning
 Eternal Emptiness
Deep and High
 Coming Free
 Not Much Left
 The Human Heart
 The Disappearance
 Power Surge
 Reaching Out
Breaking Through
 Of Opposites
 Big Brother
The Nothingness
 Both the Same
 Cloud of Depression
Never Really
Amid the Shadows
Awesome Power
Into Yourself
Filling Everything
Mother's Day
Only Sacristy
The Dead of Night
Too Late
 Eternal Victory
In the Eyes
At Last
Need To Be
 Start to Sing
 But Then, We Feel
Begin to Glow
Another Combination
 These, Our Lives
 There Was a Time
Always Free
 To Give Up the Ghost
 Become Unbound
The Pain of Beauty
Suicidal Tendencies
Came True
Copyright© 2004, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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