Planes of Existence

It seems we always meet
upon a plane where fear
becomes the most apparent
feeling of them all
even as we seek
to play the role
of fearlessness itself

and darkness starts to overcome
the brightness of a sunny day
while the sense and feel of love
is held at bay
by the very fear that must reveal
the density and depth
of our appeal and fascination
for each other

So we are drawn and then repelled
by powers we've yet to come
to understand
even as we're mesmerized
by the very depth and darkness
that this fear exposes

but this darkness
is it ours or is it theirs?
or is this sense
of overwhelming fear
something still other
that seeks to bend and break
the very beams of light
that love in all its splendor
offer us

So perhaps another tact
than give and take
might be applied
as we dare to take
another's hand into our own
and simply let love flow
into a nimbus that will glow
to surround and then envelope
all we are becoming

and as the days go on
we find that love can quell
even the deepest, darkest fear
held in secret cavities within
while the mysteries
of labyrinthine tunnels
traveled step by step
and hand in hand
lead us back into the light of day
that comes to stay with us
right through the dark of every night

Look there - a star
that dares to shine
within the greatest darkness
of them all . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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