Poetic Trinity

The three began as one alone
wandering the cobbled stones
of paths so often tread by other feet
and other hearts and souls
when spirit glanced askance
and spied a quiet meadow
where sunshine danced upon the morning dew
lying there within a distance never measured
close and yet so far away from what is known

and three who chose as one began to wander
far off the beaten track
where wilderness lies in quiescent nooks
and the burbling of brooks accompanies
the sweetest songs of birds
and windblown leaves
while the scent of wildflowers fills the air
and enters into everything
within the breeze that whispers
every sirens' secret mystery

Nymphs and dryads play along
in tune with all that's green and growing
and there, beside a stream
resting as within a golden dream
sat Orpheus himself
playing life along
with fingers moving on
an archetypal lyre of his creation

and vibrations echoed out
golden notes of artistry
arising, blending living tapestries
while the three as one just drifted
into the fourth of Orpheus
an earthy yet unworldy realm of being
where light becomes the clouds
that drift within the breeze
somehow becoming every harmony
composed and recomposed
by motions of ethereal hands of deity

in a mist of gentle raindrops falling
even as the sun, in streams shone through
calling soul to be, just be
a particle within a living wave of harmony
evolving and revolving
changing, ever rearranging shape and form
while centered in a particle that spins
the source of all creation
back to life . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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